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Dictation from my inner 6 year old – Random stream of conscience …caught in a net

Posted in Uncategorized on August 20, 2009 by Amy Corrigan Flynn

Dr. Liebner: Childhood pediatrician. Shiny skin on top of his head. Silver rimmed glasses.  Competent. Sterile demeanor.  Starched white overcoat. Clinical garb. Flaring nostrils. Humble yet stern demeanor. Ear hair (grey). Authoritative. Scary. Trustworthy with a syringe. . Guardian of health and physical well-being. Ear piercer. Nose and throat invader. Wooden toys in waiting room. Could be God. Weird art.

Girl Scouts: Basement. Dank. Cold. Hungry. After school. Softball. Thursdays. Patches for valiant behavior and deeds. Crafts. Glue smell(not elmers – some other cakey stuff). Parades. Pride. Brownie sash – filled with patches. Beret. Pride! Camping in cabin. Costume parties. Colette. Natalie. Bonnie. Sandy. Carol. Wendy. Jennifer. Christine. Karen (of course). Dues. Hunger. Unwelcome healthy snacks.

Dancing school: Ms. Carol. Tap shoes. Ballet shoes. Somersalts. Backbends. Cartwheels. Mirror. Pirouet. Costumes. Fittings. Pirate. Butterfly. Charleston dancer. Florescent lights. Victoria’s pizza. First position. Arabesque. Crumbly black rubber mats (for acrobatics). Munchkin. Compare. Practice. Leotard. Bodysuit. Ballet bar. Recital. Photo flash. Smile. Stage. Performance. Parents. Grace.

Maryann.  Artist.  Teacher.  Purveyor of magical laughter and fun.. An earth-bound fairy – on loan to me and my siblings.