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Posted in Uncategorized on June 9, 2007 by Amy Corrigan Flynn

I thought that I had some humility until I stumbled upon a refugees-on-a-boat-style yoga class. The enormous room with high ceilings got filled to capacity …and then some.
And then some more….Until we were literally an inch apart from one another.
I pouted for a minute. And then I got in touch with my higher self – the one who shows up unexpectedly and whenever I seem to need an attitude adjustment.
My irritation was completely justified.
But if I stayed in that justification – I wouldn’t have stretched beyond the mat.
And I wouldn’t have experienced the true sense of community I experienced that night during yoga class. Cultivating humility and being one of many was actually really healing.

So I’m learning to be less possessive of “my” space (if is there such a thing) – it feels good.
I feel lighter and my heart is more open.