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What if?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 27, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn

(photo by JRC, Brooklyn rooftop, NYE)

Life is a series of choices that get tallied up in the End; it’s what makes a life.

A couple of ideas for getting out of a state of complacency in 2007 (you can begin now):

10. Soften your heart by volunteering (you are needed).

9. Make a plan and then go on an adventure vacation.

8. Throw out 3 hefty bags of “Stuff”. You don’t need it and according to the principles of Feng Shui, it’s probably blocking various parts of your life.

7. Call a friend that you haven’t spoken with in at least 6 months. Reconnecting can be healing.

6. Take a beginner’s course… learn a new language, skill, practice, etc.

5. Think of something you fear doing – then take one step closer in that direction. And then another. And another. Until you’re there. Set a deadline if you must.

4. Exercise at least twice per week – you’ll change in more ways than one.

3. Be kind to yourself. Do something each week (at least) that you’d do for a friend.

2. Stay in bed until you think of something to create and then get out of bed and create it. Could be the next big invention. Or a pinyata. A treehouse. A sweater. You get the gist..

1. Prepare a meal for a party of 6. Then have a party to celebrate Life.

There are SO many parts of ourselves just waiting to be tapped into. So, I’m wishing you a sense of being crazily, vibrantly, passionately alive this year. Remember: the only constant in life is change.

Happy New Year!

~ amy


A little bit of magic

Posted in Uncategorized on December 21, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn

Sounds of suitcase wheels rolling on the sidewalks of downtown Brooklyn abound. It’s the holiday season and we’re all scattering about to be with those we care about, put up with, and/or love.

For some of us, this holiday season may be a difficult one – the crest of the wave may have crashed unexpectedly leaving us out of breath and dumbfounded. For others, this time of the year is exhilarating. Our eyes are fresh and sparkle with wonder and anticipation; it’s easy for us to feel the magic of the season, in fact, we can’t wait to get the sheet music for caroling out from under the bed (could be fun), grab our iceskates, throw on our scarf, and get out into the crisp, clean air. Holding a cup of hot chocolate feels a bit like Heaven.

about gifts:


This time of year, you’ve got to duck and weave to get from one place to the next on the streets of Manhattan. I was talking with a friend about consumerism and how it sometimes defines the holiday season and he said, “There’s that frantic look that people get. Whatever it is they’re buying, you can see that it won’t be enough. There’s pressure to get the right gift and to get enough of it. I’d love to see a person carrying an empty shopping bag that says, ‘Serenity sold here’.”

So remember, if you can, to keep it simple. You are enough, you have enough and you do enough, as they say.

Wherever you are this season, I’m wishing you peace & I’m hoping that you’re feeling a little bit of magic.


Story ideas

Posted in Uncategorized on December 19, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn


This is an SOS for feature story ideas.
I’d like to write a feature story for publication.
I’ll have some time to research, interview, etc. at the end of December. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.



a little change

Posted in Uncategorized on December 16, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn


For a moment. Just be present.

Preferrably outside.

As you’re walking to that place you’re going to.

If you can remember this.

Feel your feet wherever they happen to be.

Lift your back.


You got it.

Take in

Sights: Interesting faces, hands swaying, trees treeing?, the sun shining, clouds moving, puppies walking, children, a woman, a man, cars, a mailbox.

Sounds: Heels clicking, voices (their texture, pitch, quality), laughter, birds chirping, wind blowing, engines humming.

Sensations: Heat, cold, a racing heart, deep breaths, hopeful feelings, elation, dread, relief, a sense of hurry, rain falling into your hair.

I did this ^ today on the way home from the subway station. I was rushing, feeling overwhelmed and a bit tired from a long week.

All I (we?) have is the present moment. I seem to forget that and get swept up by the undercurrent of the day missing everything in that moment. There is such richness in the present (“the precious present” – it’s the title of a childrens’ book actually) it’s almost overwhelming. So when I find myself grasping for more more more. I need to slooowwww down. Gently stop. Just to look around me. Let the hurry, worry, etc. slowly dissolve.
When I do this, it never fails to ground me and fill me with a sense of calmness and peace.

how to get out of quicksand

Posted in Uncategorized on December 13, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn


My friend and I were walking along a secluded area of marshy land after school one day (years ago) and got swallowed up by what seemed like a harmless patch of soft mud. Jenn’s high-pitched cry for help interrupted the momentary bit of fun we were having. For some reason, the situation didn’t register as an emergency in my mind until my leg was submersed and I felt my shoe and sock slip off (quickly). Panic set in.

I can’t remember how we extricated ourselves from the quicksand. Jenn’s adrenalin had kicked in so maybe she got both of us out in time. The dirt /soil /sand we were bathing in was real earth – it was soft, cold against my skin and and once it dried, it cracked and crumbled off of me after it started drying.  I felt like a swamp creature as we emerged onto the sidewalks of Gerritsen Beach.

So, arm yourself with a hiking buddy, keep 10 ft of rope and a big stick within reach (click here for additional tips).

helmets, gratitude & cooing

Posted in Uncategorized on December 11, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn


My niece ^ turned 10 this weekend. . .
Watching her grow has been a privilege and one of the greatest joys of my life. She’s undefineably spectacular — a truly precious little being whose enthusiasm for Life is contagious.

For her birthday, we got her a new bicycle and helmet – she learned to ride it within 2 hours on Saturday afternoon (she practiced riding with training wheels this Summer). Her new mantra became: “I want to do everything riding my bicycle! Homework! Travel to school! Talk on the phone! Everything! I never want to get off of this bicycle!!”

Aside from being a little wobble-y with the handbars, almost plowing down a lady walking along the sidewalk, and continuously crashing into leafless bushes (*ouch*), she’s quickly becoming a pro.
She also accomplished another amazing feat this weekend: she was able to single-handedly put her 2-month old cousin to sleep by rocking him while standing up. His gift to her was cooing (a sign of baby satisfaction) at her upon waking up.

(photo by Joseph Corrigan)

Jesus Christ Superstar

Posted in Uncategorized on December 7, 2006 by Amy Corrigan Flynn

I was sitting across from him in the library today. The resemblance was uncanny.

His curly brown hair dipped down the nape of his neck and framed his long, purposeful-looking face. A signature black ribbon adorned the circumference of his head from the forehead to the back. Transported from the early ’70s – he was peacefully typing away at a computer terminal.

It would have been great if we all broke out into song …but that didn’t happen.

Procrastination leads me down roads I’d never otherwise travel.